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About Us

This is a picture of a roadside assistance.

People like to make a particular joke in the towing industry. That joke is that the folks who work here never really grew up. By that we mean that we enjoyed playing with truck toys so much as kids that we just swapped them for bigger and better models and made a career out of it.

What do we have to say to that? Guilty as charged! In all seriousness, we really do have a passion for our job. It is the reason we have worked so hard to build Tyler Towing Service into a trusted and reputable company. But, although he can see the funny side of this quip - rest assured we don’t skimp on the serious side of the job.

In fact, we love our job so much that we understand the importance of taking it seriously. That means that you can expect a lot from us. You can expect a prompt and honest service that will honour contracts, meet deadlines and answer all questions in a helpful manner. It also means that we are a company who always use standardized and top-quality equipment. We don’t cut corners on training either.

Our workers are fully trained and ready to go at all times. However, there is one element of truth in the old joke: we do manage to have fun at work, too. We like to cultivate a can-do attitude and mix it with a healthy dose of positive energy. Sound good? Pick up the phone today!

Tyler, TX